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Longfeng Silica Gel deodorized




Long-silica gel deodorant litter silica gel pore structure reflects the strong adsorption properties, it can be quickly and fully absorb excrement smell, which add flavor while absorbing urine litter can also be litter deodorant The fragrance itself squeezed comes out, it can be a good cover up the smell of feces, so you no longer suffering from pet waste odor problems!
Dehumidification drying deodorant Long Feng silicone gasket can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria, for a variety of organic litter in the litter. In the bottom of the litter box covered with Long Feng silicone mat and then covered with your favorite deodorant cat litter, it was such a leak under the dried gel deodorant will be absorbed by the litter, do not give any bacteria growth and create an environment, Wood Sand vermin trick reduce the chance of flies. And can more easily clean your litter box.
Long-litter fine particles of silica gel deodorant, for a variety of small pets use, juvenile kitty, little rabbit, hamster and birds, snakes and lizards can be applied. Can also be put in cages for small dogs and other pet cage bottom, solve odor problems, easy to clean, is your best choice.

1. Prior to the use of a variety of cat litter to litter into the product directly into, or use cat litter poured into Jieke
2. When used as a gasket, the goods will spread into the litter at the bottom of the basin, and then covered with your favorite cat litter
3. Pour into disk access, will then set into the bottom of the cage for absorbing pet waste